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All Prices are subject to change without prior notification

Gluten Free Menu


Cucumber salad-$5.45

Tomato salad-$5.95

Greek salad-(large)-$8.95

Caesar salad(no croutons)-(small)-$4.75,(large)-$8.15

Grilled chicken or Steak salad(no fries)-(small)-$8.65,(large)-$12.75

Antipasta salad-(small)-$8.65,(large)-$12.75

Ultimate vegetable salad-(small)-$8.65,(large)-$12.75

House salad-(small)-$2.45,(large)-$4.95

Salmon salad-$14.95

Caprese salad-$7.95

*Add grilled chicken to any salad-$6.55

*Add extra cheese-$1.25

*Add extra dressing-$0.99


French onion soup(without bread)-$4.95

Pizza and Hoagies

Gluten free pizza 8"-$6.95

*Topping(pizza menu)-$1.35

*Extra cheese-$1.65

*Chicken or shrimp-$2.65

*Pesto or premium topping(pizza menu)-$1.45

Grilled chicken hoagie-$9.95

Italian chicken hoagie-$10.95

Hot sausage hoagie-$9.25

*Extra cheese-$0.99


Chicken messina-$16.75

Pasta di casa-$18.30

Pasta con alio olio-$15.95

Pasta carbonara-$18.50

Pasta con broccoli-$16.70

Pasta primavera-$17.95

Pasta arrabbiata-$17.00

Shrimp scampi over pasta-$20.95

Shrimp scampi-$17.45

Red or white clam sauce-$19.95

Mediterranean Pasta-$17.95

Alfredo sauce-$17.45

Bolognese sauce-$16.70

Marinara sauce-$12.70

Half portions(no specialty sauces)-$7.75

New york strip steak-$20.95

Grilled salmon-$18.25