About Us

30 Years and Still Going

As a family owned business, Vesuvio's brings you over 30 years of superb food and hospitality.  Owners Dominic Tarzia and Tony Chirico opened the restaurant in 1984, serving only pizzas.  From this point on, the demand grew for more of the famed family recipes, so more traditional Italian favorites where added.  Gnocchi, lasagna, wedding soup, chicken, veal dishes and many types of pasta with the famous marinara sauce to name a few.  Caremella ("Grandma") and Mary, the family matriarchs, worked at the restaurant making the dishes fresh daily from scratch.  It is their recipes that today make Vesuvio's so famous for its taste of the traditional Italy!

The Future

Even though "Grandma" is no longer with us making the dishes, we are reminded of her love and dedication to the family business in every dish we prepare.  We are continually expanding our menu to include even more "main stream" Italian favorites while continuing to put that old-world taste into every delicious bite.  Today, we are proud to have a new family member/owner, Mark Spaziani join us to help the tradition continue and we want to thank all of our customers who continue to let us share our family with theirs!